Efficient/quick way to load stereoscopic image sequence?

hello community,
I’m using RV on windows machine. is there an efficient way to load stereoscopic imagesequences which are split into two folders, left and right folders respectively? Currently the only way I found is to load the Left eye, select it, and then hit file–>merge into layer and select the right eye. This is a bit of a long winded method. Would appreciate any advice on how to load a stereo image that is split into two eyes faster/more efficiently.


I’m not sure if there is a legacy package that comes with RV but I would imagine that if there was, it would be something that expects the image sequence to be in the same folder but have an eye in the name.

From memory (and its a long time since I worked with Stereo stuff) its something like:


Whatever the general consensus was back in the day…

thanks ricardo. we use RV in my vfx studio. and of course there its on linux and we have TDs rebuilding the software. but I can tell you that the eyes live in separate folders and are loaded automatically as a stereo image. I have no idea what they did (codewise) to make it work that way, just wondered if there’s an easy solution here in the community.

but in the studio the imaeg sequences are also loaded via an internal rv ‘browser’. another thing i’m trying to figure out how to do at home

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Aha, well you can modify RV’s behaviour with packages and tying code onto events so that would be where I’d start.