ERROR: Cannot access stereo media

My published EXR sequence is located at:/path/to/AA00_0040_scene_bashCompWrite_main_v006.#.exr

My Linux/Gnome desktop is configured to open EXRs in RV - double-clicking on an EXR opens correctly in RV.

When I use the “Open in Associated Application” option from the “Published File Actions” menu in Shotgrid Web, RV opens but errors immediately.
ERROR: Cannot access stereo media /path/to/AA00_0040_scene_bashCompWrite_%V_v006.%04d.exr (0)

It seems to me as though this should resolve correctly, with %V mapping to main? The EXRs are not stereo, and the Shotgrid write node in Nuke (which published these EXRs) has the ‘view’ value of ‘main’.

The nuke publish created a movie which plays back correctly in Shotgrid web. When I click “Play in RV” from the “Version Actions” menu, it opens the movie correctly in RV, but the RV error dialog complains:
ERROR: after progressive loading, number of new sources (2) != infos (3)ERROR: Cannot access stereo media /path/to/AA00_0040_scene_bashCompWrite_%V_v006.%04d.exr (0)

If I ignore the error message, the movie plays back correctly.

This is a completely vanilla pipeline with no customization I can think of. Why will RV not open my EXRs?



I think RV might expect left and right or something like that and not main.

Thanks Ricardo - Then maybe the default shotgrid pipeline doesn’t work out of the box?

From what I can tell, the ShotGridWrite Node only has profiles for stereo EXR (and mono DPX) so there’s no option to write mono EXR files without the %V placeholder, nor to write individual streams of EXRs with ‘left’ and ‘right’ in the filepath. The ‘Views’ menu doesn’t offer any option other than ‘main’, so I don’t think I can substitute ‘left’ or ‘right’ into the filepath and it would seem strange to do that to a stereo EXR anyhow.

I wonder if this workflow has actually been tested and demonstrated to work?

I dont really think anyone is using the basic config for actual work.
It’s an implementation of toolkit but by no means is it faultless or in my opinion logical in some places.

One of them is indeed the standard write nodes.

But its pretty easy to setup your own toolkit config and change that?

But its pretty easy to setup your own toolkit config and change that?

Bit of an edge case here - my objective is to provide a ‘howto’ guide for users who want to learn about Shotgrid’s Nuke integration, so that they can just click through some instructions and see how everything is intended to work and what kind of features are provided. It’s probably a bad idea in this case for me to demonstrate things that don’t work out of the box, even if it’s just a one line template tweak.

I’ll give it some thought tomorrow.

Anyhow - thanks for your help Ricardo. I appreciate you taking the time

Well in tk-config-default2 there is the mono dpx writenode, that should work as expected?