Rvio_hw unsupported media type and cannot find a way to write


I am creating a mov file from an image sequence.

rvio_hw C:.…\999_888_0120_FG01.1001-1122.exr -rthreads 3 -o C:\Users\nishithp\Documents -v -t 1001-1122 -outsrgb -quality 100 -codec libx264 -outres 1920 1280 -err-to-out



Version 2021.0.0, built on Oct 26 2020 at 22:30:19 (HEAD=b0bdd3575). (L)

Copyright (c) 2020 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.

WARNING: missing doc directory in bundle

WARNING: missing html directory in bundle

ERROR: Open of ‘C:/…/201_034_0120/in/plates/v2/201_034_0120_FG01/5184x2160_exr/201_034_0120_FG01.1001-1138.exr’ failed: unsupported media type.

INFO: C:/…/201_034_0120/in/plates/v2/201_034_0120_FG01/5184x2160_exr/201_034_0120_FG01.1001-1138.exr

INFO: setting view to single Source

ERROR: TwkMovie: No plugins support (write) format:

ERROR: cannot find a way to write C:/Users/nishithp/Documents

This gives an error and only if I had document on what format and parameters it expects. Or examples / reference, will help.

Please suggest

Hi @nishith, RV needs a filename; it literally thinks you are trying to write out a file named Documents.

add a filename to the end of your output path and you should be good. If you are trying to output an image sequence, make sure to use a sequence format (such as file.%06d.exr if you want a 6-padded exr file)