RV 2021.0.0 release begins new naming and build conventions

To better support all of our RV users, the Shotgun team is evolving the naming and build conventions of RV, in order to deliver a more predictable product experience.

We’re evolving our naming convention from version.x.x to year.x.x — with the most recent release being RV 2021.0.0.

We’re evolving our build convention to better support you when you want to lock down a build for a production cycle by designating an Available Previous Version. This version refers to a previous release that we have locked to minimize breaking changes, so you can expect a more stable release.

The current Available Previous Version is RV 7.9. This means the RV 2021.0.0 release will receive all future features and updates. We plan to lock and designate a new Available Previous Version once each year.


So glad to hear this. Will the previous version be added to the download page? Will the user be able to go back to even older ones?

One of the issues we’ve had with RV is that there has been no stability between versions, so every version can break tools written for the previous ones. Sometimes we just can’t keep up with you guys as the new versions may also introduce new bugs and we’d prefer to be more stable. Thanks!


+1 for a download page with old versions.

We’re currently in the process of re-working our download page, so we’ll take your requests into consideration.

As soon as we have any update on the new download page, we’ll be sure to post about it here in the Community

Just throwing this on the pile to add to @Patrick’s idea, please version number each release with no symlinks. When we download RV from Shotgun we currently get current as the version number for the installer.