Running RV without a video board

Hi all,

We use VMs for some users, and it would be great to be able to run RV on it without a video board. Is there something we can do to “trick” RV into being functional? I recognize that it may run poorly without one, but that’s a different tradeoff.

Thank you!

Interesting, what error are you currently getting?

Hi Ricardo,

You don’t get an error if you try to run RV without a board - it just dies on startup, generally without any alerts.


Have you tried launching it from command prompt so you may be able to see the error that is being left before it quits?

It’s very likely this won’t work because RV needs some kind of Video hardware/OpenGL I think.

RV requires NVIDIA or AMD FirePro graphics cards that are OpenGL 3.2 capable running up-to-date drivers.