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I’m trying to figure out how to remove users from the dropdown list in the “Assigned to” field. I do not want to see the people who do not work here anymore but only the active employees. I still want to keep them in the database though, as I need to keep track of the past work they’ve done and logged.

Can anyone help?



When you say that you want to keep them in the database do you mean you want to keep them assigned to the task and you’re looking to hide them, or do you mean you want to keep their account in Shotgun but you want to remove them from the assigned to field?

Are you looking for a solution that is done within the webpage or do you have the Python API and are you open to a scripted solution?


Hey there @pdm and welcome to the forum!

If I’m understanding the question correctly, you’re looking to hide any non-active User Accounts from the Assigned to autocomplete. This is possible with some fiddling of your Site Preferences.

Some context: the reason we default to showing active and non-active accounts is so that the schedulers in your studio are able to slot yet-to-start people to upcoming work for forecasting crew needs.

To make a change to the autocomplete results, head to the upper right (your user avatar) > Site Preferences > Filtering > Autocomplete Omit Statuses. You’ll then want to add HumanUser:dis and then Save Changes

It should look something like this:


This allows you to preserve the non-active accounts, but no longer see them in any autocomplete dropdown menus.

If that’s not what you’re looking for, give a few more details like @Stewart is asking about and we’ll get you on your way. :slight_smile:


In addition to what Johnny posted about Autocomplete Omit Statuses, I thought it’d be useful to mention that there’s also a way to do these kinds of settings on a per-user basis, versus setting it up site-wide for everyone.

A site administrator can turn on the Enable Per-User Autocomplete Omit Statuses feature on your site preferences page, under the Filtering tab:

Once that’s enabled, you will see a new field appear on the People (HumanUser) entity called Autocomplete Omit Statuses (autocomplete_omit_statuses) :

In your case, like the example above, you’ll want to enter HumanUser:dis for any user that doesn’t want to see disabled status users in autocomplete results.


That’s exactly what i wanted to do.

Thanks guys!


Hi Neil,

This is great! I followed your steps although something doesn’t quite seem to work for me.

  1. I removed HumanUser:dis from the Autocomplete Omit Statuses in the site preferences.
  2. I then turned to YES, Enable Per-User Autocomplete.

= All of the disabled people seem to still appear even though I have indicated in their separate fields, HumanUser:dis

See attached screengrabs.

Any ideas ?


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Hi @Meggie

The HumanUser:dis text should go into the Autocomplete Omit Statuses field for your user, not the other users you’re trying to hide.

What’s happening then is that you’re specifying that you do not want to see HumanUsers (people) with a status of disabled. Everyone else who doesn’t have this field set on their users will continue to see them.



Ahhhh Okay! I understand!

Thanks so much! :wink:



Is there a way to be more selective about which “disabled” users appear in the autocomplete? As a producer I want access to see the Admin 2, Admin 3 options for scheduling purposes, but for users that we know won’t be returning to the studio, can we hide them from the autocomplete?

@Andrew_R I can definitely see how this would be useful. Unfortunately that sort of granularity on autocomplete omit statuses isn’t something we’ve got out of the box at the moment.

I’d suggest you submit the idea and your specific use cases directly to our product team over on our public roadmap site.