Find all tasks assigned to a specific user

I’m currently trying to setup a task status flipper in my ShotGrid event daemon, and i’m running into trouble with the sg.find command.
The api documentation couldn’t give me a proper list with key words that are used in SG, so i was guessing for most of the part.
The problem line is 68, how can i find all tasks assigned to the user in that project? I tried user name, user id, {‘type’: ‘user’, ‘name’ : str(event[‘user’][‘name’])} it’s been a struggle. Any help appreciated!

Also if someone can point me to a list of API variables i can use for stuff like playlists or users assigned to and all that, please share the link, i’m struggling.
Thank you!

Here’s a thread discussing the HumanUser field (aka Person) and also how to find internal field names in the Web UI

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thanks schicky!! I’ve figured it out after all, it was an issue with tasks being a multi-entity, so i had to use a slightly different strategy but now knowing how to find field names is very helpful!

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