API REST multi-entity fields


I am using the REST API to fetch all records from Human, before I was using a python script that did something like this:

humanAllFields = sg.schema_field_read("HumanUser").keys()
sg.find("HumanUser", filters=[], fields=humanAllFields)

I was getting all the fields including the multi-entity ones. Now using the REST API, I don’t get the multi-entity field even if I try to specify it. Any pointers?


If you want the values of all fields through REST API, you just need to enter “*” as the values of fields.

function sg_find(entity, conditions, comflex=false, page=false){
    var result = null;
    var headers = {
        'Authorization': `Bearer ${access_token}`
    if( comflex ){
        headers['Content-Type'] = 'application/vnd+shotgun.api3_hash+json'
    if( page ){
        conditions['page'] = page
        url: `${site_url}/api/v1/entity/${entity}/_search`,
        method: 'POST',
        headers: headers,
        data: JSON.stringify(conditions),
        async : false,
        success: function(data) {
            result = data.data
    return result;
data = { "filters" : [], "fields" : "*" }
users = sg_find( 'human_users', data )
console.log( users )

And, the results of the multi-entity fields are contained in the relationships, not attributes.

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@sichoi Thank you very much for the sharing your implementation and even providing the screenshot. I own you one :beers: