[REST API] Getting more fields in relationshipts

Hello there,

I would like to know whether there is a way in the REST API to configure the request so that specific fields are added to the entities that appear as relationships in the records of the response, by default it only delivers the type, id, links and name, if I recall correctly; but I don’t know whether this is even allowed in the Open API Specification.
While reading the documentation I found this, but I am not sure whether this is meant to accomplish what I am looking for, I haven’t managed to do anything with those parameters from the link, what are they used for?

While looking at the Python API, something similar happens, and as far as I know, entities there are returned with just the type and id, so that we need to explicitly add the related fields we need through dot notation, which is what I am doing with the REST API at the moment too.

My end goal is to reduce the amount of requests as you can imagine, so that if I am requesting an array of Tasks and I want some data related to the assets they have as entities, I don’t have to make another requests or hardcode the dot notation on the first request for every field that may contain an asset type of entity.

I imagine that if there was this possibility of specifying relationships fields, this could lead to recursion loops, but it could be limited to one level of recursion maybe?

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