Relocate local files

Hi all, I wonder if it is possible to modify links to local files when the files get moved.
For instance requirements change, or mistakes happen, and file need to be moved around (e.g. to the same local storage but different directory).
Is it possible to do this from Shotgun, or only by script?

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Hey @mmoshev,

You can edit local file links, but it’s through the web UI browser and can only be done one at a time, and is essentially a remove and replace method. I would say doing this by a script would be the best method here.


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Thanks David, I realized I did not understand the problem well, and did not state it clearly.
These are actually File entities, linking to local files. We would like to edit them through the web UI exactly, but the field File is disabled for editing. Is it possible to do?

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Thanks for clarifying, @mmoshev. Right now, you can’t edit the file entity directly (as you can probably tell, we use the file entity to store media and annotated frames, etc in SG). Your best option is to delete the out-of-date files, and recreate them.
Sorry there’s not a better answer here.



Thank you for the answer, at least I know :slight_smile:
We’re considering just having a script or maybe AMI to perform the move.

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