Renaming assets


We have a show that needs a renaming of the assets.
It can be easily done in Shotgun with the assets’ name.
But I would like to know if there is any renaming tool inside Shotgun I can use to rename the images uploaded in the assets without uploading them again.



Hi Sandra,

There is not an automated process inside Shotgun to cascade the renaming of files which are linked to your Assets. Could you tell us a little bit about the workflow you’re looking to accommodate that requires the uploaded files to have the same name? E.g. are the files being downloaded and used in pipeline tools, and are expecting a specific naming convention?

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Hi Brandon,

Actually we are accessing Shotgun through the Website.
When I create an asset I have to upload the designs, render images… to Versions.

I have a project where I have to rename the characters.

For example, a character with the name GorgosMMSAncWrestler has to be GorgosAncWrestler. So, removing MMS (body type code).

All the files the artists or the production team uploaded have the MMS in the name on the JPG or PSD files.

Assets can be easily renamed in shotgun, but all the JPG or PSD files have to be renamed in our server and upload them again to Shotgun.

So, my query is if there is any way to rename the online JPG and PSD files.

Or, how to set up a Desktop version where all the existing files in Shotgun could be synchronized on our server.

Then we will rename the files on our server and synchronize them to Shotgun.

Is it possible?



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Thanks for the extra info, Sandra. Probably a silly question, but here goes: Could the artists just name the file properly prior to uploading? Why do the file names need to match the Asset name? Would renaming the Version that links to the files be enough to suit your needs?

It is possible to link to a local file from within Shotgun to point at a local/network location of a file. However that link could break if the file names are changing on the file server.

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Hi Brandon,

This is a show that had a hold on the production.

Now we have new requirements that need renaming of the characters.

So, this is why I was asking if this was possible to do it directly in Shotgun.

If our co-producer downloads the approved versions, we want him to get the JPG files with the right naming.

Is it possible to download the full content of the project on our server and get it linked to Shotgun?

So, if I am renaming a JPG is also renamed in Shotgun?

Is it possible to do it?



Roger that, thanks for the added context.

The only way, currently, to download every uploaded file for a given Project would be to write an API script to first get a list of all the files in the Project, then download them. The script could similarly perform the renaming at the same time.

The linking to local in my previous reply is the way in which you can reference a file on your network or local machine. However that’s a name-based link, so if you first establish the link to your file and that files name then changes the link will be broken.