Reading tk-multi-publish2.yml (et all) from somewhere else?


trying to simplify our project pipelines.
Is it possible to link or include the tk-multi-publish2.yml (or any of those for that matter) from somewhere else?

So instead of me editing those files individually in each pipeline setup I would load them from somewhere else which is 1 master file.

This allows per project customisation if needed but if not needed it simplifies it all and I can keep things like the publisher up to date among many project at the same time.



This sounds similar to your other question:

As the includes can be resolved with an environment variable, you could set it to point anywhere you like, not just the same config (I’m pretty sure it doesn’t need to be a relative path). So you could have a central location for your settings and point to that.


But where is the tk-multi-publish2.yml included? :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes it does sound a bit like that, sorry!

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Ah no worries.
The tk-multi-publish2.yml is included in any engine yml that contains that app:
for example, Maya:

But you will also find it in I think all the other engine YAMLs as well.


Ah awesome!

Thats what I couldnt find :slight_smile: