Raise SG Desktop Console window from App

Hey guys,

I have some custom apps running in SG Desktop which output some logging info in the logger.
However, I have to constantly open up the console window manually to see it.
Is there a way to raise/open the console window from within an app?



Hey David

Had a crack at this but didn’t really come up with exactly what you’re after.

Source code for the Console window seems to be this file here: tk-desktop/console.py at master · shotgunsoftware/tk-desktop · GitHub

That is part of tk-desktop.

I’ve picked at its uses and it seems to be created and attached to the desktop window here: tk-desktop/desktop_engine_site_implementation.py at master · shotgunsoftware/tk-desktop · GitHub

If you could somehow hunt down those instances and call them from there maybe? But this already feels too far down the path of hacky madness.

The window seems relatively simple enough in its construction. Might just be easier to create your own console app and call it where you need it. Other option would be to take over tk-desktop and add in an easily callable command, but taking over the app just for that reason doesn’t sound worth it to me just for this use case.

Interested to see if anyone else has a better take on this!

Edit: Also possible option would be to call a non SG log viewing app via subprocess. I quite like Snake Tail but there are plenty of them around if you’re open to 3rd party options and don’t want to go the built in route.