Console open but not displaying windows 10

Hey all wondering if anyone has seen this. I try to open the console from shotgun desktop and it open but wont display at all. I checked for the dreaded off on another monitor windows problem but its not that. I have tried moving it cascading windows etc and still nothing. I believe the window is in the correct place just not showing up. I have also tried reinstalling shotgun desktop but still no fix. In the screen shot below you can even see a faint outline of the window. Any ideas?

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Hmm that is an odd one, and not one I’ve seen before personally.

Are you getting an error showing in the logs (tk-desktop.log)?

I have that on ocassion.

Try making it active and then press Windows+left/right/up/down (try any combination a few times)

(windows+lrtb makes active windows move between monitors)

Thanks for the suggestion Ricardo sadly I had tried that already and it didn’t help. However something worked and it started showing again. Not sure what that was about or what caused it but looks fixed now. Thanks!

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Hmmm that is strange, without a solid repro it going to be difficult for us to fix.

If anyone else comes across this thread having the same issue, let us know!