Quick link to notes in the Notes list

When I am looking at notes on a version, I can ctrl+left/right arrow to navigate between notes.

I would also LOVE to have a quick links on the notes list that would take me to the correct frame when clicking on that note.

Hi @Noel,

At present, when a Note is taken on a Version, it is not associated with any specific frame. Only when you create an annotation with that Note, will the frame number be associated with the annotation drawn on it. This is evident in the filename of that annotation “[name].85.png” where the 85 represents frame 85 OR if you go to the Note detail itself, the thumbnail of the annotation will state the Frame number.

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Thanks for the reply. To be clear, I used frame in lack of better wording.

But there clearly is a link mechanism on a timeline that takes me to the correct annotation when clicking on it.

I would like that link mechanism to also available as a link on each not on the notes list.