Moving / linking annotations to a different note

Hello all,

Is it possible to move or attach an annotation to a different note that it was published under?
We usually have a different person taking notes than annotating, and we would like to merge the note and the annotation. Working in RV / screening room for reviews. Any tips appreciated. TIA


Annotations are an Attachment entity. You can navigate to seeing these from the Navigation bar in SG and then from the Other menu. Attachments have a thumbnail field for the image/media and also they have a field called attachment_links (Links) that then links them to Note entities.

It should be possible to update this field to re-link an annotation from one Note to another.

Thank you Halil,

I do not see the Attachment option in my drop drop in the ‘Other’ menu, is there something I need to do to reveal it?

Thank you.

Hi @qcvfx,

I believe maybe Halil’s site has renamed the File entity to Attachments as “File” is the default name so try looking for that instead.

You may need to go to All Pages and then search for File, then select the relevant page to your Project:

From there you’ll get a page like this:

This is essentially a page of every file uploaded to that project, attachments and all so it might be pages and pages of files.

There’s no good way to filter these other than adding “Links” to the searchable fields and then try typing the subject of the note the annotations are attached to.

When you find them you can remove the note in the Links field and add the note you want to link that annotation to.

thanks for the tip! I did navigate to that area, and strange enough, there are no annotations in that list. Ill keep digging! cheers.