Python 3.8 and running tank commands to install engine

My team and I have been struggling to integrate Blender into our pipeline. I have edited all of the tk files and have done most of the set up, but getting a tank command to actually run has proven difficult. I was hoping someone might know something I don’t and can help me get this up and running. I have attempted using cmd prompt, python console, and the shotgun api console to run the command and install the engine.

You cannot completely install the engine from a console, I think. In the tk-blender repo there are also examples of what your configuration has to look like (in the config folder) - needed templates, environment config, etc.

Also as described in the readme, you have to install PySide2 in a way that makes it available to Blender:
C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender 2.82\2.82\python\bin\python.exe -m pip install PySide2

There are probably other things I cannot think of right now.

Please describe in more detail what you have tried.