Configure a project to use Python3

Hi guys,

I was wondering what are the steps to configure a project to use Python3. I’ve set the SHOTGUN_PYTHON_VERSION environment variable to 3 and was able to launch Shotgun Desktop in Python3 mode. I have also re-setup the project using Advanced Project Setup but the project is still running Python2.7. Is there anything I’m missing?


Hi yerhu,

I could imagine, that one of the two following scenarios may cause the issue:

  1. You’re using an outdated version of tk-core. Check in your configuration: core/core_api.yml
  2. You’re using a pipelineconfiguration, which is pointing to a local-path and includes a file like python_interpreter, interpreter or something like this. If that’s the case, it’s probably best to update this file or to migrate your config into the style of tk-default-config2

Thank you mminsel!

I found the file interpreter_Windows.cfg and updating that did the trick!