Publisher2 - Project Plugin Not Loading From ShotGrid Desktop

I’m have set up a collector and 2 plugins for the Publisher2 on the project level. The collector will use the file name that is dragged and dropped to identify the correct asset step context and attaches 2 plugins to it and set the asset step context on the item.

If I run the Publisher2 from the SG website or from command-line in Project context it works as expected, but if I launch the publisher from the ShotGrid Desktop app, it doesn’t attach the plugins. Based on what I see from the log, it seems it’s trying to find the plugins from the asset_step. Then I added the plugins to the asset_step.yml and it works correctly.

Why is it that the same collector and plugins work from the tank command or the SG website in Project context, but not from the SG Desktop? Have missed something or it might a bug?

Appreciate any input in advance.

There are some intricaties when running the collector and changing item contexts.
The Publish app searches for publish plugins configured in the item’s context.

So if you start the app from the Project context but in the collector start changing the context of the item to a Shot context (for example) it will attempt to find plugins in the Shot context and not from your config in the Project context.

That would make sense if it was the same behavior on the same context regardless if it’s launch from shell, web-app, or the SG Desktop.

I think the issue I’m having is that if I launch the Publisher in project context from shell and web-app, it attaches the plugins from the the project.yml but if I launch from the SG Desktop it tries to launch the plugins from the asset_step context.

That would be strange considering tk-desktop is a project context.