Publish2 Bug: Linking to virtual context not possible

Hi All,

pretty sure someone else mentioned this bug in another topic a while back.
Basically if I try to link something to an entity that does not have a disk path (that seems to be the commonality) the publisher will just ignore the selected context.

See the gif below, I’m trying to link a publish to a Delivery and it finds the delivery but just won’t let me link it:

Any solutions to this?


Hi Ricardo!

I don’t have a solution to that. Just wanted to leave a note that I want to see a solution to this issue as well. Currently we have to manually “Create Folders” for new entities every time we want to publish to them.



Thanks for the +1

I also wouldn’t want to create folders for this as I’m publishing in place in this case and simply want to link all material to the delivery in Shotgun.

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+1, this has bitten us several times

It is the behavior of Context, afaik, and not directly related to publishing.
For instance, tk.context_from_path(p) may return an incomplete context when folders (or their FilesystemEntities) are missing.

It would be interesting to hear the Shotgun guys’ take on this. What was the underlying reason for requiring existing files?


Yeah would be interesting to see how to properly work around this as its holding me up at the moment :confused:

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Hi all – That is super weird!

I was able to reproduce this.

I noticed that I can select a task on an entity with no folders, and the “Link” field will be set to the asset automatically, but modifying the “Link” field directly on a shot with no folders fails as @Ricardo_Musch shows in his gif.

I talked to the team about this one: it definitely is a bug, and apparently, one that should be pretty straightforward to fix. So, I’ve gone ahead and put in an internal ticket to track the bug. I’ve linked it to this post, so I’ll be notified when it’s resolved, and will notify you all in turn.


Thanks Tannaz!

Definately didnt think this was standard behaviour :slight_smile: