Promote_write_knobs not working in tk-nuke-writenode

Hi there,
It seems promote_write_knobs option in the yaml is not working for me.
I tried
promote_write_knobs: [“tank_channel”, “tk_use_name_as_channel”]

but it gave me this error:
“Knob tank_channel does not exist and will not be promoted.”

when I investigated the code I noticed it tries to pull those knobs from the node “Write1” inside the write node gizmo. But from investigating the gizmo itself it seems those knobs are on the gizmo itself from outside (not on the Write1 node inside).

changing line 1147 from:
target_knob = write_node.knob(knob_name)
target_knob = node.knob(knob_name)

seems to fix the issue.

Just writing this here to figure out if I’m missing something and it works for everyone else. Or did I actually discovered a bug and fixed it.


I guess most of the knobs you want to promote are from the inner Write node, like file type, encoding, etc.
Don’t know the nuke api well enough, but would it be possible to address knobs from the child or parent? Probably not.