Programmatically create and edit Pages

Hi folks!

Looking for a way to create (and edit, filter, etc.) Pages through the API.

I’ve found this old community post, but it’s been unhelpful. Similar to him, I’d like to duplicate the built-in Shotgun functionality where a page is built that reflects imported data (Assets and/or Shots).

I’ve tried running an sg.create using data from the fields in the sg.schema_field_read, but it always fails on a CRUD error #6. So for example:

page = sg.create('Page', {'name': 'Very Special Page'})

…nets me:

shotgun_api3.shotgun.Fault: API create() CRUD ERROR #6:
Invalid field value, update failed [ 10 - Update failed for
[Page.shared with id=26601]: undefined method `is_admin?'
for #<ApiUser:0x000055f45f4903f0>
Did you mean?  is_a?]

Incidentally, attempting to create a Page using the Page.shared field returns the same error, and Page.admin is read-only.

Is there a way? Has anyone come up with a tidy way to generate pages dynamically?


Hi Jess,

Sorry, currently we don’t support create page through API. But is it a useful feature. If you don’t mind, you submit one here




Sure thing. Done.