Profile 1.0 (via Shotgun) email invitation?

Something new is happening on our side. We’re using the python API to update a Person, when doing so an email is sent with the following content:

Subject: profile 1.0 (via Shotgun)
Message (html): invited you to the Shotgun site [ACCEPT INVITATION]

Not sure what is triggering this email?

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Hi @eeight,

This is the welcome email to the user you add onto Shotgun. When you add a user via Web app, a welcome email will be sent to the user’s email used to create the account and he/she could click Accept Invitation to set his/her password.

It usually looks as below:

Is it not what you are seeing?

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Hi eeight!

What fields are you updating on the HumanUser record, exactly? Did this human user already exist, or were you creating them initially via the API?

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Yes, this is what I see (but there’s nothing before “invited you” (in your case Ben Xu). I am not using the Web app.

Using the python API, I simply modify the user (not creating the user, and yes this HumanUser was created via the API initially). Updating custom fields (not email, login or other builtin fields).

I didn’t have this email before (let’s say 2-3 months ago).
Any ideas?

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