Problems to authenticate using tk-core Authenticator class

Hi guys,

Last week we migrated to the new Autodesk authentication and on the website, all is working fine but, in our pipeline, we’re using a custom DCC login, and that stopped working.

I updated to the current tk-core version (0.20.3), and we’re using the following lines to create our user:

import sgtk
authenticator  = sgtk.authentication.ShotgunAuthenticator()
user = authenticator.get_user()

But I got this error:

What is this “personal access token” that this authenticator is expecting?

Now our website log-in is by Autodesk so, how to authenticate using this web information?

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I’ve debugged this script and I realized the Maya 2018 doesn’t have the Qt Web Modules to run the authentication online.

Anyway, if I try to authenticate it using the shotgun_api3.Shotgun class, I got the same error:

Have someone any idea?

Thank you very much,

Hi @gabrielv

The documentation for the Personal Access Token is here : Help

Once the PAT is associated to your user in ShotGrid, you will be able to use your your old username and password (or whatever you set your legacy login / passphrase in ShotGrid user settings) to log in.

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