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Hello Community!

For some reason our vendors can see everything our playlists. Once we go out side of the playlist ie Assets, they can only see what is assigned to them. Is there a way to limit what the vendors can view in the playlists?

First some more info is needed.

You mention Vendors, do they have the Vendor Permission Group assigned?

if yes,

What are the details of the versions in the playlist?
Who is the artist?
Have you addressed any note to the vendor?

Also by default the Vendor Permission Group has no conditional permissions for Playlists so they can navigate to a playlist (they would still only see their own versions and any notes addressed to them).

If you want to avoid this, the easiest way is to change various permissions under Advanced so they cannot navigate or add any displayed fields. Set a Homepage for your vendor and that way they cannot navigate where they shouldn’t go.

Thank you Ricardo.

You have pointed me in the right direction. I did sort this out in the advanced permissions so they cannot navigate there. This solves our issue.

Thank you!

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Great! :slight_smile: