PLaylist with unlinked media

I wonder if there is a way to stop users adding media (drag and drop) into a playlist if the media has no existing link to a sequence or shot.
I have a lot of users just blindly dragging into playlists and then when the list is emptied the media goes into a big pool of “shots with no sequence” (unlinked media)

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Hey @mattgidney,

Thanks for reaching us. From webpage, it would be difficult to control what kind of shots could add to a playlist. I could suggest several ways to create playlist.

Solution 1:

When user create Shot, make sequence input as mandatory. This would be easy to approch.

Solution 2:

Use ShotgunEvent to monitor playlist change. To check the shot at background. If find any shots with no sequence, ShotgunEvent could delete or send email to alert the user. But the weakness of this one is the user can’t get instance feedback.

Solution 3:

Use Python/REST API or AMI to create playlist automatically. To avoid any human mistake.

Hope it is helpful.



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Is there a way to disable dragging to upload media in the webpage altogether?

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Yes, the playlist could be disabled update for certain user permission group. But it will disable all people in that permission group to update the playlist even shot with sequence.

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