Shotgrid drag and drop not working

After we create a playlist, we navigate to the “shots” tab and then drag and drop our shots across into our playlist of choice. This functionality - as of a day or two ago - has stopped working. I saw the blue error message at the bottom of screen saying “drag and drop is only available within playlists”. However - how am I now supposed to add shots into my playlist that have already been uploaded to Shotgrid? Please help!

Maybe its change of terminology but you cannot add Shots to a playlist.
You can add Versions however.

Same here - I cannot drag’n’drop since 10-14 days or so. Usually I drag’n’drop versions into playlist or link them to the shotnumber - all in the media entity. Stopped working for some reason and I am really missing this functionality!

Same problem here, we cannot drag and drop versions to a playlist.

A colleague found a workaround. First right click on the playlist. Don’t select any item in the right-click menu. Now try drag and dropping a version in the playlist. Clunky but it works.

Anyway this needs to be fixed


We are having some weird UI problems too.
Status menu’s dissapearing, Pipeline Steps suddenly hidden… botched update?

thanks, this works for the playlists at least - but it does not work for linking versions to shots in the media entity

Thanks! Clunky but it works.