How can I stop users from dragging media into a playlist from the desktop

Hi, I have many students who are taking shortcuts and dragging media into a playlist without first creating a version. How can I hobble this and force playlists to have versioned media only in the web interface.

Dragging media into a playlist will create versions out of that media, what is it you are missing if students do it that way?

Sure but, those versions will be unlinked to any shot asset or sequence. that is a problem, particularly if the playlist is then deleted. Really dont want a nest of unlinked media.

There’s various avenues to go here.

  • Use Publisher integration and have it’s hooks check for a linked entity
  • Use a webhook/event and try to auto-link the version to an entity by doing some sort of search and match with the filename
  • Reject any versions that dont have a link, give notes (can also be done automagically with a webhook)
  • Dissalow users to create versions and use some integration like the Publsher, an AMI or a Web App Form AMI to create versions (with a script user doing the create call) and then use those to force users to link a entity.


No doubt there are many ways to glue script this together – what I was hoping for was that the playlist entity itself might simply be able to be configured to ‘only include linked versions’. It would be a simple toggle for admins to use and might be configurable per project or across the deck.

Make it a plus one for the web interface folks to enable.

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