Pipeline step modification

It is really difficult to change a pipeline step short code or name without damaging existing shots/assets.
If there is a pipline step short code in a template path then it is obvious that the filesystem path are different when the step is being modified. Then it is required to call unregister_folders + synchronize_filesystem_structure. But this is inconvenient because you need to unregister all existing shot/asset folders and sync cache at all machines.

Btw I can’t also rename the pipeline step name without the path unregistration. This is strange because the name is not a part of the path - I can open the existing scenes, but the context is invalid (task == None)…

Is there any easier option to modify the pipeline step?

In the first case, I really don’t see any easy solution short of renaming all related files, which can possibly take a long time. This is a fundamental limitation.

The second one, not sure… probably steps are still registered in filesystem locations with other entities, e.g. tasks or shots. You can navigate to Filesystem Locations from the top right menu, and check if anything references the step.

The pipeline step ID and short code remains same. So I wonder why it is not possible to change the full name (it is not referenced in my path template). The old name is still obviously present in the db. When I open an existing scene - I see the old step name in the ShotGrid menu, but the context.task is None.

At least there could be a warning, that modifying pipeline steps can destroy the world :wink:

Yeah, I agree, we’ve had fun with this more than once.
The path cache system (not sure about the name) seems like one of the harder and more buggy parts.
Similarly, since some registrations are done when saving through work files (e.g. arist directories), there have been very weird cases in Filesystem Locations, for instance if the save crashes.

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