Modify a top directory name

I need to modify the name of a top directory in different projects using different configurations.
It’s the directory in which Shotgun saves all our work files.

I found this topic which explains how to easily do that, but I’m not sure if I can use the same method:

:diamonds: I’m not sure if I m using a centralized or distributed config:
I originally did the Advanced Install of those projects with “centralized config”, then I use descriptors in the Pipeline Config pages of my website to use configs on Gitlab or on our local server.

:diamonds: Once the folders are unregistred, will Shotgun find all the newly resolved path alone, using the updated templates and schema?

:diamonds: Will I have to change all the path in fields on Shotguns (like versons “sg_path_to_movie” for instance) in the API by myself?



Great questions, and thanks for posting them here!

One quick way to tell is, if your PipelineConfiguration entity has the following fields filled in Windows path, Linux Path or Mac Path, then you are using a centralized config.

If your PipelineConfiguration has the Descriptor or Uploaded Config field filled in, then you are using a distributed config.

Once the folders are unregistered, you will need to run the folder creation again so that new folders get created and registered. In the situation where the folder is the same as before the unregister, the existing folder will be reused and just reregistered.

Folder creation does happen automatically during certain operations, but you can run it manually by doing one of the following:

  • via the browser integration actions on entities on your Shotgun site.
  • If you are using a centralized config with a tank command you can run tank Task 1234 folders from the command line to create the folders for a specific context by providing an entity type and id.
  • You can open the Shotgun python console in SG Desktop and run the following: tk.create_filesystem_structure("Task", 1234) where you provide an entity type and ID.

Yes, you will, for any created Versions, or PublishedFile entities. That won’t be handled by the unregister or re creation of folders.


Tanks for your quick answer.

What if the new folders already exist? Basically, I would like to simply unregister all entities, rename the top folder in my projects and register with the new template.

Will Shotgun simply register all the work files and directories without any danger for our psd, .ma etc files?

I think it depends on what you mean by top-level folder. Is this a folder defined via the storage roots, or is it a project folder defined by the schema?

If it’s the storage root you are changing then this doc probably answers your question, and in fact, you wouldn’t need to unregister your folders at all.

If it’s a schema folder then you will need to recreate the folders and update any PublishedFile and Version entity paths which have changed.


It’s a shema folder which is just under the project root.

Thanks for your help!