Folder Structure for projects on Windows

Hello community,
I want to create folder structure for new projects via Shotgun Desktop. I am not familiar with Python at all but I can update if someone guides me how to.
Basically, I have created a different folder structure for new and future projects which I want to deploy via Shotgun Desktop. We currently have a setup done by our previous staff but since the are no more available, I have to go through from the basic. If there is someone who can guide me on this, it will be fab. I have a folder structure created on our server, just need SG to help create it for new and future projects allowing us to have less mouse clicks and keyboard entries.

Hi @vikasg ,

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Not sure if I could help, but first of all, let’s confirm your use case here. Are you trying to add a folder structure for future new projects only or you also need to update the current project to that new structure?

If you would like to migrate current project files to the new folder structure, it can be extraordinarily complicated and definitely need to evaluate with Shotgun pipeline experts and see if it’s doable.

For future projects it is simple - you adjust your templates (config/core/templates.yml) and folder schema (config/core/schema) in the seed project and initialize your new project with it. Once you create the project in the web interface, open it in Shotgun desktop and select Advanced setup. This will let you select the location for your seed project.
Not sure you want to use a centralized or distributed configuration. Here are more details Initialization and startup — tk-core v0.19.18 documentation

Migrating an existing project to a new structure sure would be a lot of pain, although I would say is doable. You would need to have templates for both old and new paths, and translate all relevant paths with them, move the files. Not sure at what point you migrate the folder schema, maybe at the start, but then your old paths might get invalidated.

There are still some unknowns from your description - is your setup already an “advanced project”, i.e. with its own toolkit configuration? Where did you change the folder structure as you described?

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Hi Moshev,
Thank you for your reply.
Let’s see if this makes it easier. Yes, I am aiming at all future projects. Current projects can remain untouched, not a problem. So this becomes a lot easier from what I have read in your comment. Now comes the complicated part for me, I am completely new to python/.yml so updating the folder schema can be challenging too. But if I get a step by step instructions, maybe I can do this. In the meantime, I will try what you have suggested and see if anything updates. But please feel free to send me the instructions if possible.
I have created a template folder structure on the server so that kinda works in favour.
Thank you again for your message. Looking forward to resolving this as soon as possible. :slight_smile: