Changing project Toolkit folder schema on a running project


I wanted to know if it was possible to change the schema of a project that just started, where an asset has already been created ?

The project just started so if it is possible to reset completely the project that can work for me as well, is there a way to do that ?

Thank you !

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Hi @thornydre,

There’s currently no way to completely reset a project that is underway.

The good news is that you can edit Shotgun’s schema at any time. You can add and remove fields on any entity type (including Asset) at any time. If your site is heavily trafficked because you have a large active team, we might recommend that you do these schema modifications at off peak times in order to reduce team disruptions but that’s it.

If you want to discuss some specifics concerning your site’s schema and modifications you’re thinking about undertaking, feel free to contact our support team at .

I just realized that you might have been talking about the Toolkit schema which is still doable but might warrant some more work. If that is the case, do let me know and I can get one of our Toolkit experts to chime in.

I meant the schema folder in the config folder of the project. If I move the folders around and rearrange them, will that have a effect on the project, or will it adapt to the new folder structure ?

Hey @thornydre, if you move folders around in the schema, then you will need to unregister any folders that have already been generated and are affected by your changes, and then run folder creation again.

If the schema has changed then this will result in new folders being created. The old folders won’t be removed, so you will need to move any existing data over to the new folder, update any references in your files, and republish any files.

It is generally advised that you don’t move folders in during production as this can cause a headache. I personally have had to do this in the past, and I ended up writing a script to handle it.


Thanks a lot for your answer, as the project is kind of a test project, I will probably just start over with the correct configuration, it seems a lot simple :slight_smile:
Thanks again !


And this brings another question, once a project is archived in shotgun, can we move the project folder somewhere else ?


Thats up to you really, you can move the folder, Toolkit just won’t be able to find any of the files or folders for that project. So assuming no one wants to access the project data again through Toolkit, that would be fine.
If you did, then you could move it back.