Pipeline Step Dependencies


This is a question about creating linking dependencies without backend integration.

Here is the story:

  1. I want to create a sequential Art pipeline that goes from 3D Art Asset models, 3D Asset Skins, Levels and then Animation tasks from AtoBtoCtoD.
  2. In addition I would like to create a 3 part pipeline phase sequence so that I can assign to outsourcing each phase, however they can only see the active phase I want them to see before the next phase is active.
    Example -

3D Art Asset: Phase 1 (through all approval phases) > Phase 2 > 3D Animation set.

If I need to further clarify I can do so.



Hi Harish

Thanks for the question, I think this sounds like it might be a better suited to the Shotgun category rather than the Pipeline integrations, (which typically deals with Toolkit, and API based questions)?
I’ll move it over but let me know if not. It sounds like your question is more around how can you set this up in the Shotgun site?


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Hi Harish,

Thanks for your question! You should be able to set up the structure for what you’ve defined within Task Templates. Check out this chapter of our producer series training videos here to learn more:

Regarding conditional visibility of Tasks, the Vendor permission group has some customizations in place that only permits them to see the Tasks which they’re directly assigned. So one simple workflow would be to only assign work to those users when you are ready for them to see/begin work on them.

Let me know if that helps get you under way or if you have further questions!