Organizing comments by timecode or frame vs date/time they comments were made

After multiple people have independently reviewed the same shot or asset, I would like to organize all the comments in order of frame or timecode. Right now, they are always arranged by date/time. Is there a way to list them all in order of frame/timecode vs the date and time that they were made? Please see the image attached. Thank you.

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Hello heazim,

An advantage of Ftrack is when you create a note, it display the time code linked :

In ShotGrid, I have to write the timecode linked before in the note content…

It would be great to have this info ! For exemple have the timecode in the Subject, like this :

Or have a specific attribute for it.

Best :slight_smile:

Thank you k_zananas

I am confused because I am not sure what you mean by Ftrack and also I dont seem to have some of the same features visible as you do… for example please see attached - where can I enable it so I can see this? Also, I am not sure if what you are suggesting would allow me to organize the comments by frames instead of date/time.

Ftrack is a different product that was used as example.

You should likely make a feature request for this so the Sg team can review it in any future updates.

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