Timecode in client review

please help me understand how can client comment to delete a piece of video (i.e. from in-time code to Out-time code) in client review tool , because I don’t see in and out tool in client review tool.

For example delete from 00:20 to 00:30 ( i.e. their a way to capture automatically , instead of typing manually )

Hi, thanks for writing in! There’s not currently the ability to comment on a range of time in the Client Review tool. I’ll take note and add it into our requests. Please feel free to add other comments from the roadmap as well - www.shotgridsoftware.com/roadmap

Also - as this isn’t strictly related to the open beta of live review, I’ll move it over to the appropriate place so others can find the comment as well!



thanks for the update.

is way a to do by custom development . because i am looking for edl for premiere .

please suggest a workaround

thanks again