Optional notifications for API replies?

We are using a CustomThreadedEntity, and we want the “recipient” to get an email only on the first and last “message”, but be able to update along the way with additional programmatic information without sending additional emails. Is there a way to flag a reply such that it doesn’t send alerts?


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Hoping for some insight here @tannaz, is this in your area?

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Hi Dennis – Sorry for the delay here! This is not in my area, but I asked around, and and the answer I got is, probably not. A few more details (apologies for any gaps, I’m mostly just funneling what I heard):

  • The methods for modifying CustomThreadedEntities are just the regular CRUD methods that modify any entities, so there are no extra params that you could pass to do something like this.
  • At creation of a Note, CustomThreadedEntity, or Reply, we check the email prefs on any users associated with that thing, then spin off an event to our email notifier, which does the actual sending.
  • One person suggested that an API script with events turned off might not generate email notifications, but that seems unlikely – we believe that notifications don’t get generated off of events, but rather they run as parallel processes.

Hope that clears things up! It’s a fair feature request; I’d encourage you to add it on our roadmap page.

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Thanks, Tannaz. That is what I figured but I wanted to be sure. I’ll post a feature request!