Entity question : What is the entity of Version Note's reply?

Hi All,

I am writing a python code for summarizing version note.
Can somebody let me know what is the entity of “reply” which is created to version’s note.
Please refer to the enclosed capture image.




Hi @jonghankim,

Welcome to the forums, and thanks for your question! The entity you’re looking for is called Reply . To get a full rundown of the Reply entity schema you can do:


Since it sound like you’re looking to recreate a Note thread, however, a better function to use would be note_thread_read() which you can read more about here:


Let me know how that helps!


Thanks a lot! Brandon. It works.
One more thing : Can I duplicate the note thread and assign to the other version?
The reason why I ask this is that:
-> in Media play page, we only can check the current versions’ notes.
-> to check previous version’s(same shot) note, have to click version tab and mouse over the other versions’ open_note field.
-> So want to copy previous versions’ notes to current version when it is created.(even replies and thier attachement)


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You should be able to get the same result by adding the new Version to the old Note’s links field. I know this is a hacky workaround to be able to more easily see the last notes given while looking at the new iteration. While it hasn’t been added to the web player yet, that sort of view has been built-in by default in Shotgun Create. That might be worth a try to see how it works for you.


Thanks! it helps a lot!