Open Source RV

YAY! Autodesk open sources RV to democratize access

Anyone know where it is hosted? The github doesn’t seem to have it yet.



I’m feeling like this is one of those cases where Marketing decided something before letting DevOps know… hopefully not though.

ShotGrid/RV Devs right now:


RV devs, you know I love y’all! :smiley:. Looking forward to seeing that code again…

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This is big news.

Interesting to see what will come of this…

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I’m curious to see how much of the tool is actually written in Mu vs C++, unsure if it’s just the API layer or the core system… kind of hoping it’s former.
No hate on Mu, but it’s yet another language for a specific use-case.

Well that’s promising! Okay I’m excited to get my hands on this source too now

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Hi @Michael.Kessler. We have a couple of months worth of work ahead of us before we can provide the first open source version. And don’t worry @MatteoVeglia , engineering was in the loop and fully supportive of that initiative (and excited :slight_smile:)


Ah just teasing @Guillaume but thank you for letting us know, this is indeed a really exciting opportunity for people to build upon the strength of RV core.

Do you happen to know if there will be a post on the forums or elsewhere when the repo goes live?

Yes, you can count on it @MatteoVeglia . We will use this forum to facilitate RV Open Source discussions too, stay tuned!


This is indeed very exciting! Having both xStudio and RV out in teh open should make for some interesting developments in the industry.
I hope RV gets a second wind this way, it was the most powerful app when it came out but kinda fell by the wayside a bit after the original RV devs left (@Michael.Kessler was the one beacon of hope for the longest time). No doubt it had lots to do with Mu being the API language of choice and the Python API being not much more but the means of assembling Mu syntax in a string. This made it very inaccessible for most and hence people lost interest. At least that was my observation over the many years.

This could well be the jumpstart RV needs and deserves.
Fingers crossed.


Hi Guillaume :smiley:

Echoing Mike’s enthusiasm at the announcement, and looking forward to the repo going live!

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So who’s in on “make a proper DAG viewer that doesn’t require squinting at the badly-compressed PNG in the documentation to figure out which transforms go where?” :smiley:

(Seriously, we’ve had such a time with RV since the devs left that I am excited that there might be a place to file tickets, get patches, etc. that doesn’t necessarily involve trying to explain things to more-generalized ADSK support first-liners.)

Uggh, I had a DAG I built while at adsk for debugging support queries, but it was never fleshed out enough to give to anyone. There’s a lot of open-source python node graphs and hooking into events to populate graph changes worked pretty well. If you wanted to build that, I’m sure it would be appreciated by many, and wouldn’t require open-source; all the graph and property change notifications are already accessible (just do -debug events and you’ll see what I mean).