Ongoing Issue: CSV Import Converts Shot Codes to Dates

Our shot codes are typically hyphenated, like 010-100, or sometimes, 100-010-100. The CSV importer is automatically converting these to dates, and when you try to back out and delete bad values it just changes new ones to dates. An example shot like 110-005-2900 is becoming 1900-01-00. Seems to happen mostly with 10 letter shot codes vs 9. Is there a way to disable this coercion or a recommended way to import these shot codes successfully?

can you supply a screenshot of your issue?

To add I was using Chrome as a browser if that makes a difference

Are you very sure its not Excel that has saved your csv with a date column?
Excel usually tries to guess the format of data.

What happens if you copy and paste the values from your correct spreadsheet into the website window (instead of importing a csv)?

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