Bulk Importing Shots has "->" arrow in the header of CSV


I am transferring shot info from one SG site to another. The fields match on both sides. I export a csv from one and bulk import it to another.

What do the “->” arrows indicated in the attached image, and how can I get rid of them?

On my machine, with my account, this works as expected. Headers match and import works. However, if I send the exact same CSV to my coworker and she imports it the same way, for her, she gets the attached image.

There appear to be “->” arrows in the header followed by the first piece of data in the column. This CSV was spit out by SG and not touched by another application before reimporting to another site. If I do open the csv to look for hidden characters or returns in the header fields, there are none.

Thank you,

Could you attach the csv (perhaps with the shotlist/info removed but keep the headers intact)?