One of my custom pages constantly gives a bug report and the support page link does not exist

I tried to create a Kanban page but everytime i click on the page now it loads forever, then spits out a big, and the “contact support” link on that bug report brings me to a 404 page does not exist site.
I can’t even delete widgets out to fix the page again because it keeps loading forever and freezing my page.
Is there a way for me to delete a page without having to access the page? Thanks!

I managed to solve it because i was incredibly lucky that the broken page is not the Default page. I went into Design Mode on the Default page and deleted the tab from there without issues. I am going insane.

Is it normal that Tasks take literal minutes to load? I have around 2k tasks that i try to load in that custom page

It is generally not advisable to load “all tasks”, instead ShotGrid can show a set number and then divide up in pages at the bottom right.

If you try and show all records, depending on how many fields and potential lookups and custom queries it has to do the site can crash or lockup.

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