Error loading Shotgrid pages

Hey guys!

I just had the following error while trying to create a field in a ConnectionEntity (EpisodeStepConnection):

{“errors”:[{“id”:“d077fb375e9d25b375b0fa8a7b012e0b”,“status”:500,“code”:100,“title”:“Shotgun Server Error”,“source”:null,“detail”:“Please contact your Shotgun administrator, or contact Shotgun support at: Contact Customer Support | Autodesk Support. Please pass on the following information so we can trace what happened: Request: d077fb375e9d25b375b0fa8a7b012e0b Event: 1bab2a3c03634466b7837916bc608a47.”,“meta”:null}]}

Now my Shotgrid site simply isn’t loading any page at all. For some reason the option to contact support isn’t appearing for me anymore too, could we be going through an outage? Is everything normal on your sites?


Edit: I tried checking the Autodesk status page and could not find Shotgrid in this list either:

Edit 2: This maybe could be related to an ongoing AWS issue:

@nathalia.borin ,

Keep an eye on this page as well. There’s currently an issue they’re working on:

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Hey guys, a quick update here from support

This was caused by us creating a multi-entity field in a ConnectionEntity. This isn’t currently supported and will crash Shotgrid’s backend. Don’t do this on your sites!