API read() CRUD ERROR #10 - when a field created by schema_field_create()


I’ve created a field in entity “Reply” which has no shotgrid page interface.
After I created, I had error message as below:

shotgun_api3.shotgun.Fault: API read() CRUD ERROR #10: Missing Column: You may have re-used a field code that was previously used by a mult-entity field. The server must be restarted in order to enable this new field. Please contact your Administrator or Shotgun Support. – Read failed for entity type [Reply]

Actually the field is not “reused field”.
Can you restart my DB server or let me know the way to solve this problem?



Sometimes the UI will offer you to reboot the isite instance if it needs to remove a field from the db.
If that isnt offered then please contact Autodesk Support by making a ticket here:

Yes! The problem was solved.
I had a call with an Autodesk expert to reboot the server.
He said the other way to solve this problem is to make trash(field) empty in admin menu.


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