OCIO not included in annotation exports

Hi all,

We’ve got an RV OCIO integration which stores the configs in Shotgun and allows for media to be swapped on the fly and apply the correct color. But we’ve discovered that annotation exports are not including the OCIO transforms in the exports, so I’m wondering if this is something we’re doing wrong or if the OCIO layer is somehow outside the calculation used for the exports?


Hey Den,

Because RVIO is what is running your annotation exports, make sure that the config you generate in-memory is written to disk and the OCIO environment variable is updated to the config.

I’d also recommend putting in a feature request to Autodesk to support baking configs in session files, at least as an option, so that their exports work as expected in exported session files (like what is happening under the hood for annotations).


Hi Michael,

Before I assign the dev team to dive into this, is this something which is inherent in the OCIO config itself? We are just using the RV built-in OCIO config and just forcing it to set certain setups with detection code. Meaning are others who are using the OCIO setup able to export with the annotations in the correct colorspace? That will help a lot if we know that.


As an aside, the annotation export is still incredibly finicky for us. They often fail to upload, etc, but that’s a different issue.

As Michael said, as long as you’re setting the environment var “OCIO” which is set to the ocio.config file loading the color, then your annotation should apply the color, assuming your config is setup correctly to apply the color on it’s own. Since RV is generating your annotations in a separate process with RVIO, it needs the env var to know what ocio config to use.