Annotations Failing

Since changing over to using OCIO as our color pipeline in RV, we’ve noticed a lot of failings with annotations. These include

  • Not uploading at all.
  • When doing multiple annotations, only uploading 1 of 5 (for example)
  • Uploading the frame with color, without the annotation
  • Uploading the frame without color, with the annotation

This is all with Screening Room in version 7.8.0. The erratic nature makes it hard to pin down or replicate, but all of our supervisors/reviewers are reporting the same behavior, so it doesn’t appear to be isolated.

Anyone else seeing this, or have some suggestions on what might be causing it? Thanks.

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Hi @riddle,

Thanks for the message - I’ve let our RV team know and they will reply when they have a moment!


Hey @riddle,

Thank you for posting in the forum!

Apologies for breaking your workflow. This is something that we have unfortunately introduced in RV 7.8.0 when we introduced parallel media loading mechanism. The error you’re seeing is related to:

  • Source-group-complete event now occurs before first render Release Notes

This issue has been fixed in 7.9.0. However, if I were you I’d wait for the next release of RV (2021.0.0), which should be available very soon (end of month if nothing new comes up). We’ve fixed a lot more issues with events order and metadata issues due to parallel loading.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the update. I will keep my eyes peeled for that next release!

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Hey @riddle,

Just a ping that RV 2021.0.0 has been released! It has fixes that I’ve mentioned and should hopefully be a more stable version for you.

You can see Release Notes here.


Thank you!

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