Newbie question: I can't find the field "assigned to" why?

Hello. Forgive my ignorance but why can’t I see this field called “assigned to”? I filled the field called artist but that doesn’t make the task to be assigned to the artist.
Thanks for your time.


Hi @Luis_Bolan, welcome to the community :wave:

It’s possible the field was renamed (display name). Let’s look at the field code to see if that’s the case.

Can you expose your “Artist” field, right-click, then select “Configure Field…”? The field code for “Assigned To” is task_assignees, so if “Assigned To” was renamed to “Artist”, that’s how you would know. Then you can just use the Artist field for assignments.

As an admin, you can also find more information about a field, along with field display name history via the Fields page. You can look up the field code on the Task entity by:

a) Filtering by the Task entity type
b) Page search for the field code task_assignees
c) Then, you can right-click in the Field Name and select “View Field Name History…”

I’d recommend doing this first if there are a lot of fields the Assigned To field could be (that way you can look it up much faster).

Let us know how this works out!



Thank you. Looks like you were right and our T.I. guy just confirmed what you just said. He changed the name from “assigned to” to “artist” Thank you so much.


@Luis_Bolan, excellent, thank you for confirming the cause :slight_smile: