Quick Search lost Assigned To for Tasks

With the update to the Quick Search we’ve lost some key functionality that used to exist by default. On a Task page one of the “key” fields used to be the Assigned To field. When doing a quick search on a Task page, searching by who the Task is assigned to is probably 90% of the sort of info we want to quickly search by. Now that entity, and multi-entity fields are excluded by default we’ve lost that.


Now we need to navigate to Other Fields, find Assigned To, and begin to search. This wouldn’t be so bad, but this selection does not persist for the session. If you navigate away from the page and return, you need to set it up all over again.

Is it possible to bring back the “Assigned To” field being one of the fields that’s always included in the “All Visible” even though it’s a polymorphic multi-entity field?


I’d extend this to include other studio-specific use cases where eliminating all entity fields from the default fields searched is a big bummer. For example, we have shows that rely on searching by Tags to bring up the desired list of Assets. Tags is displayed on the page but now it defaults to not searching that field. Every time someone navigates away and comes back to the page, they have to manually add the Tags field into the quick search fields. That makes it incredibly tedious and it’s no longer a “quick” search.

Ideally, it would be nice to be able to set a default set of fields to search on the page/tab. I think it’s fine to keep the defaults for a new page to the high performance text fields only. But we should have the ability to add other fields to the list and have that change persist for subsequent visits to the page by all users.