New Widget(?) Request - Rich Text Field

Some of our pages require some documentation so the user understands the page’s purpose, what they are looking at, and what they are expected to do. In these instances, I wish I could add a tab that just contains a place for me to add rich text. A “How-to” tab, if you will. Just a big open text field that supports line breaks and bullets, maybe some bolding if we want to get really fancy with it.


This seems like a basic missing feature.
We are just setting up Shotgrid and one of the first things the producer asked for was to add a text box to the main project page and I was quite surprised that this was not doable.

They claim they have seen it at other facilities but I cannot figure out how to add such a widget, unless it is an embedded webpage?

I too would like this feature or to be pointed to some sort of workaround.

The options that come to my mind would be:

  1. You can create a new page that is a URL type (very bottom of the type list). There you could link to an uploaded image or wiki/confluence/sharepoint/etc.
    If you want that to only be in a part of a page, you’ll need to create a canvas page and add a URL “webpage” widget, then format the page as needed with other widgets.

  2. You can add text fields to any entity. Then again on a canvas page layout, you can use the fields widget to put focus on that text fields. You will just need to make sure the filters are setup to display the right one.

  3. There are some formatting options you have available to use as well. Widgets have titles that can hold some info about what’s displayed in them and can be colored to make them stand out. Headers on columns can be custom renamed and have custom colors on a per page basis which can be helpful along with setting page and field permissions to make sure the right people see the right info. Columns/fields also have a description section that acts like a hint when you hover over the column heads/field names on pages. Just know that those are site wide and not customizable per page.

Personally, I’ve always found that setting field visibility/edit permissions around solid permission groups that work for your enviroment get you 90% the way there. Then just some straight forward pages and even some highlighting rules (ie: “this is overdue” or “due this week”, etc) gets you the rest of the way. Try to avoid pushing everyone from different roles to the same page.

Hope that helps a bit