Add new fields on the ticket entity without using design page


I am trying to add and customize the fields in the Ticket entity, however, the only way I found is via the design page which adds the widget border at the top, in this case, it says “Fields” or Pivot Fields, is there a way I can add or modify the visible fields in the Ticket Entity without adding that bar at the top or by not using the design page?


If you are looking at a Ticket detail page, you should be able to add a new field under the Fields menu in the middle of the page. The top of the drop list will have the option “Manage Ticket Fields…”, which will then have open a dialog with the option “Add a new field” at the bottom

Hi @schicky, sadly, doing that doesn’t allow me to add more fields in the ticket itself. I would like to add more fields here, existing ones for example. I can only do that in the Pivot Widget with right click configure, but not with this one.

Ah, I see you want to make fields VISIBLE in the Ticket detail.
I think you are on the right path then with adding them in Design Mode to the Pivot widget for the right-hand column, or the other fields sections.

If you are unable to edit these widgets, then likely your SG Admin would need to do it

@schicky Yes, that works, however, it adds the white bar to the ticket as you can see there. As soon as I Edit, it is visible.

That sounds like a bug to report to Autodesk through a support ticket

Is this considered a bug? Please see the Fields bar it appears once I edit: @schicky


Unexpected and undesirable UI changes due to editing field visibility?
Yup that’s a bug

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Thank you!