Need [Task Assign to] User location in custom column

We have user base Location field we want to show it in one column called studio location on Task page.

for example :
if any task assign to user we want to see the location of studio in which the task is going on.
if there is more than one assignee with different location we want to show all location list in studio location field.

it would be great if anyone help me out to achieve the required process.

We are not able to fetch the specific user location because when we query “assign to” in task it is returning a list. (because task is assign to multiple user)

This is likely not possible using Linked Fields, as you have found they only work for one-to-one links, not one-to-many.
Alternatives are to use the Event Daemon or webhooks to run code that summarizes the Locations of all Assignees to a field

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@schicky Thank you for the quick reply.